Counseling with Sarah - find balance in your life

Counseling Services
Services provided for adults 18 and up. 
Individual Therapy:
Working with you one on one, I help decrease stress, reduce anxiety and depression and bring greater balance to your life.  I partner with you to identify the sources of difficulty, particularly the patterns in your life where you feel stuck.  Together we explore creative ways of shifting your experience of these challenges, finding the opportunities hidden within them.  This collaborative process transforms worry and discouragement into freedom. 

Couples' Therapy:
Healthy relationships are built on mutual trust, caring and concern.  What happens when this erodes? The challenges of parenting, frequent fighting, affairs, and financial stress all lead couples to feel stuck, more like adversaries than lovers and friends.  
I work with both of you to rebuild trust and help you feel like partners again.  As we identify the negative, self-perpetuating patterns which hold your relationship captive, I guide both of you to shift your interactions, transforming conflict into closeness.  It really is possible to feel love for each other again.
Family Therapy:
Family is where we turn when we need comfort and support.  But when home life is filled with conflict, family quickly becomes our greatest source of stress. Together we can get your family back on track.

Parenting: I provide guidance and support and help you establish loving discipline.  When parents feel confident in their authority, children feel secure and everyone can relax.  Together we develop effective strategies which put you back in charge.

Young Adults: These days many young people are living at home as adults for longer periods before moving out.  Whether you are an adult living with your parents, or a parent yourself, I can help you navigate the changes in your relationship with each other. Through individual and family sessions, we develop new patterns of interaction which lead to true independence.