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Sarah KT Keely, LPC



A Little About Me

I love what I do. There's nothing more fulfilling than witnessing the transformation my clients go through. Seeing couples rediscover each other and really talk again. Helping people navigate even the most painful emotions and start to feel better. Guiding young people into the world with confidence and purpose. It's a privilege to provide a safe welcoming space where change happens. 


My Approach

Over the course of more than twenty-five years since I began my career, I have learned a few key lessons about what makes real change happen:



Therapy is a collaborative process. While I have expertise in helping people, you are the expert on you. Working together we develop a personalized approach for change.



I bring my humanity to our work together. When you tell me what is troubling you, your marriage, your family, I hear it as a trained professional, and also as a caring person.



I will tell you what I think about the difficulties you’re experiencing and my ideas for resolution. I encourage questions about what we're doing and why.



More than anything else, being connected from the heart is what heals us and keeps us healthy—mentally, physically, spiritually. Having a safe therapeutic relationship with me creates the basis for change in your life whether you're coming with your spouse, your family or on your own.


Here's more information about my background, training and influences. 

It's not easy to ask for help, but there's no reason to go it alone. 

Let me help you heal, grow, and transform your life.

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