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Counseling for Young Adults

Are you stuck at home, waiting to start your life, but not sure how? Does independence feel unattainable? Does life seem just a little harder than you expected? 

Did your child drop out of college and come home without a plan for moving on? Are they bored, irritable, unmotivated?


For Young Adults: Some of us don't follow the expected path—college, internship, job, move out on your own. Sometimes life presents obstacles that can leave us frozen, unable to see a clear way forward. If you're struggling with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, or just feeling lost, I can help get you back on track. You and I will look at your strengths and challenges and together we'll develop workable strategies to move you beyond this difficult moment, and out on your own, into your independent life.


For Parents: If your son or daughter is living at home and seems stuck—perhaps they struggled in college, maybe came home early or never went at all—I can help. I work with young people to help them transition into their adult lives.

Symptoms of depression and bipolar disorder often present for the first time right when a young person is finishing high school and going off to college. Symptoms can include: excessive worry, irritability, lack of energy or motivation, rapid mood shifts, and too little sleep—or too much. Whether your child is displaying any of these symptoms or is simply struggling to take the next step, they'll do better with help.

I start by meeting with them to evaluate what's getting in their way and then suggest a course of action. I may recommend meeting with your child individually or meeting as a family, and sometimes I meet with parents alone. Working as a team, we'll help restore your child's confidence and direction. 

Refocus. Get back on track. Start your life. 

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