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Are you and your spouse feeling distant, having trouble communicating, or fighting a lot? Are things basically okay, but you're noticing some unhealthy patterns? Are you trying to save your marriage after infidelity? Or are you just looking to address a few challenges before you get married or move in together? 


Couples Counseling


Our committed relationships really matter, so when they're not going well, it affects everything in our lives. When we're not connecting with our partners it can leave us feeling desperate, triggering us to behave in ways which only fuel the cycle of hurts. We may get increasingly angry and yell, complain or nag. Or we may feel like the only thing to do is to shut down, stop talking and go silent. So often I hear that one or both partners begin to question if their loved one still cares. However this painful pattern takes over in your relationship, I will help you and your partner interrupt it so you can reconnect and feel close again.


Together we track how conflict happens. This allows you both to see and hear how the other person has been caught, unable to reach out from a place of love. During our sessions I help you share with each other the deeper emotions which have been buried by this negative cycle of conflict. Couples tell me with amazement how it feels like they have their loved one back.


Love is sacred. Whomever you love, you deserve to have help when you and your partner are struggling. Whether you're in a traditional heterosexual relationship, part of the LGBTQ+ community, or something not so easily defined, I welcome you. 

Stop the fights. Heal old hurts. Rekindle your love.

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